Monday, March 06, 2006


This blog has been inactive for some time and I thought of blegging for something in this post.If you have a little bit of free time and have some reasonable awareness of Sri Lankan politics,culture and arts please consider updating Wikipedia .

When Ivap asked me about Jaathika Chinthanaya ,I guessed there might be a short history I can point to on the web.Bad guess!I checked Wikipedia and realized that it might be better to update it due to the collaborative nature of the project.The plan was to create biographical sketches of Nalin De Silva and Gunadasa Amerasekara first and then move to minor players like Sooriya Gunasekera,S.L. Gunesekara ,Champika Ranawaka etc.. ,later .Looks like it is not so easy!When it comes to Sri Lankan info ,obviously Wikipedia has lot's of gaps and I started on what I thought was a good place ,"Sri Lankan literature ". Lohan did some additions ,too.I was also suprised to find that Romesh Gunasekara doesn't have an entry !

For instance ,categories like Sri Lankan Politicians ,Sri Lankan musicians, acters and Sri Lankan writers needs lot's of work but Sri Lankan cricketers and broadcasters seems to have reasonable content(go figure !).I'm still learning the basics .I created a Wikpedia Collaboration and would love to have some help .Larger the number of people joining in ,better the content will be.

All the bored geeks in Colombo ,unleash your fury!
Yes, all 4 of you guys! ;-))