Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have peaked into JR's/Premadasa's/DB's/Chandrika's/Mahinda's heart and it is dark as "Mase Poya" night!

I can barely find time to check news and read a couple of blogs but I got to write this down.Two of the bloggers wrote about the same issue or rather one answered the other one.I don't know whether Indi reads Glenn but I think he should.
I happened to be browsing through kottu and came across this diatribe by Indi about the Rajapakse clan.Then saw this post By Glenn Greenwald ,I guess with minor alterations can be applied to Sri Lankan experiance.We only have to replace the name of any President we had with George W Bush.

I happen to be little bit older than Indi and had the privilage of access to Sinhala media When President JRJ ,Premadasa and Kumaratunga was in power.I specially remember how President Premadasa was villified by the current leaders of the Free Media Movement.I see the same pattern here by people who claim to know what goes inside Mahinda Rajapakse's evil heart.Let the actions speak for the man .I think the jury is still out there.He is somewhat successful militarily and seems to have a plan to contain tigers while some actions makes his gains redundant (militarily and diplomatically) like the human rights records or the evictions of Tamils from lodges (he quickly realized the mistake and reversed it).On the other hand he seems to have a plan to get a constitution solution agreed by all parties(at least the majority of them). Name calling without any facts to back up ,Like Tsunami Hora, is not goingto add to the public discourse at all.

Finaly let me take an exception to my own rule and declare that banning TamilNet is an idea of a very stupid person.