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Never knew unicorns existed but why do they have to retire to grow a pair?

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Glad to be the subject of the buddhist emperor who has all the time in the world to attend Thunmase Danes ,Fuenrals,weddings and kotahalu maguls but can not take his friend's phone call since he is in the "shrine toom" .

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I'm gonna tell my daddy -Fifth grade intellectuals

Who is Malinda Seneviratne?
Ivap asks me who this Malinda Seneviratne guy is.The best answer is .this.
In this video Fareed Sakaria interviews a smooth talking Tehran university professor who quotes from "Lord of the rings".The guy is a conservative Ahmajinda supporter who claims to have faught in Iran-Irag war.Like Fareed points out he is not an anomaly .We have seen his counterparts in old Soviet Block,Iraq,China and other repressive regimes.Malinda joins this illustrous alumini without much effort.

I have read Malinda but due to severe time constraints I missed the recent food fight in The Island regarding 13 th amendment .It looks like Dayan called out Malinda for what he is.A coward.A giant brouhaha broke out brining in Carlo Fonseka,Nalin de Silva and Malinda's father Gamini .I'm sure if Mervyn De Silva was alive he would keep his mouth shut knowing that his grown up son can defend himself.I also belive that Mervyn and Dayan did more to Sri Lanka than Gamini and Malinda can dream of.
Before throwing the C (oward) word , Let's see who came out of universities in Sri Lanka during 70's ,80's and 90's.
After the Sinhala Only act in 1956(later fare use of Tamil) and government takeover of schools (1961)and the formation of 2 univerities out of 2 "pirivenas"(Vidyodaya and Vidyalankara 1958) by early seventies, bilingual students were a rare breed.1971 mark the first purging of these new Sinhala only warriors.I think Dayan entered Peradeniya in late 70s with the family background he was a rare animal among his fellow students .Same goes for Malinda in mid 80's.

By 80s most of the bilingual students and teachers were a thing of past.To the general Sinhala /Tamil only public access to outside world (Even in 2009 ,English is used by only 5% of the country) was their own langauge filtered by half-baked translaters who did not know what the hell they were talking about .Only foreign literature access to them (to Sinhala readers )were Sinhala translation of Russian Novels ,Marx and Lenin .This was all hapenning when the Soviet empire was dying !There were no internet the TV was at it infancy (until late80s not many households had them).
So when Malinda entered university in 1985 (with family background of a civil servant father and a mother who taught at Royal college who probably spoke both Sinhala and English at home), he must have felt really lonely .There were not many people like him around .So he choose to pal around with the budding JVP insurgency masquerading as a opposition to 1987 indo-lanka treaty.I think he over did when trying to fit in.He condoned the heinous crimes commited by JVP/Jathika Chinthana guys at the time. Then ran away when things got too hot to save his ass. He came back when things cool down and joined the racists Champika/Nalin/Rathana Gang.

Political climate in Sri Lankan universities
In 1950 and 1960 the political dialog and violance (sometimes) were dominated by clashes with student group loyal to Communist party (Stalinist) and Samasmaja Party(trotskyist).Along came JVP in 1970 and has been dominating until now.The politics in Sri lankan universities in 80's and 90s could be summed up by one question.Are you with IUSF(Inter university student federaration--JVP backed)?The ascendancy of JVP violance can be traced back to 1983 when Daya Pathirana ,a left leaning anit-jvp union leader (and Dayan's friend) ,was murdered by JVP .
After the rebellion JVP sympathies remained intact but the politics were volatile in some universities where all others(SLFP,UNP,Jathika Chinthana) try to stop JVP from gaining power in student unions .They were sucessful in Ruhuna -Science faculty,Moratuwa-Engineering facully,Colombo -Science Faculty and Kelaniya- Science faculty.In all the other places (except medical faculties) JVP had a free run again.

The interesting thing about the Jathika Chinthana Group was that they whole heartedly supported the JVP during 1987-90 but after the crack down they split from JVP and started to become a counterweight to JVP in some cases.With Prof Nalin Silva's backing they banned Coca-Cola from university cafetarias and forced female students not to wear jeans.

Dayan somehow got back at people who killed or repressed his political friends .He never supported JR .Helped Premadasa to crackdown on JVP .Joined EPRLF for self -determination of Tamils .He was a minister in Varatharaja Perumals cabinet and then moved away before Varatharaja declared Ealam unilateraly.After Premadas he was with Chandirika initially and then Mahinda .Played a major role in defeating tigers who killed his allies.If you read him from 80's or,90's or now his core beliefs are the same. So when he calls Malinda who was arrested once in a temple during a meeting of Ratawesi peramuna ,a coward,in my opnion he is right.Please check the link below for the fundamenatl rights case filed .You can notice the racists currently calling the shots in colombo.Here are some .excerpts
For instance, there was Malinda Seneviratne, the petitioner
in SC Application 146/92. He had, according to paragraphs 2.1 4.3 of his
affidavit, read the "fundamental texts of Marxism" while he was at school, and
in his political thinking was "influenced to a large extent" by the political
views of his father who he says was "a Trotskyite as an undergraduate." He was
admitted to the Dumbara Campus in 1985 but proceeded to the United States in
1987 under an Exchange Program and later read Sociology at Harvard University
where he graduated in 1991. His undergraduate dissertation was "Students as
Agents of Revolution: The Case of the Sri Lanka Student Movement." In January
1992 he was employed by the Peradeniya University as an English Instructor of
the Medical Faculty. When Rathana put it to him, he thought that the formation
of the Ratawesi Peramuna as " a broad agitational front" was "a good idea" and
attended two of its meetings and met Rathana and others at the "open canteen" of
the University at Colombo at about 6 p.m. on 26th February 1992 and agreed to
meet at the Kawduduwa temple.

Malinda Seneviratne (146/92) in
paragraph 6.2 of his affidavit says that he was put into Rathana's cell "around
7.30". Rathana (149/92, 4.1) confirms this. Nandana Perera (151/92, 3.3) says
that dinner was served "around 10 p.m." and that "By this time Malinda had been
put in the same cell as Rev. Rathana." However, Daniel (147/92, 3.5) and
Dayananda (148/92, 4.4) state that Seneviratne was put into Rathana's cell after
dinner. All the petitioners, including Seneviratne and Rathana, agree that
dinner was served at 10 p.m.
Rathana (149/92, 4.1) says the OIC said: "Kawda
methenata dennek damme, Moo kawda? "He then took out Malinda and beat him." None
of the other things mentioned by Seneviratne are referred to by Rathana, his
cell mate.

The alleged second assault on Malinda Seneviratne is referred
to in an identically worded paragraph in the affidavits of Daniel (147/92, 3.6)
and Dayananda (148/92, 4.5). The first sentence of those two paragraphs are as
follows: "He next came up to Malinda again, kicked him saying. "Emarican karaya,
api dannava tho emericavata giye ay kiyala" and hit him with the stick that
Piyarathna was carrying."

nawake (154/92, 4.5) has a unique version. He
says "I heard him say: "thoda emaricaven aave?" and beating Malinda".)

You can notice names of Champika Ranawaka,Malika Wimalasooriya and Athuraliye Rathana in case notes.
Daddy jumps in
Hearing his son called a coward Malinda father try to attest to his character by saying how Malinda went to Harvard and what he brought back to his friends from US.
As for Malinda, Carlo has got it right; just how right he is I will confess
below in my fashion. He is my son, a fact of life that, as I suppose is the case
with most fathers & sons, neither of us is comfortable with. Yes, he
transferred to Harvard from Peradeniya. Actually that lot started off in Dumbara
lodging in village homes some distance away from any source of water. A few of
them found more comfortable lodgings – a matter on which I could expatiate. What
is of some relevance is that, overall, you couldn’t have got more rural than
that till universities were ‘established’ in Mihintale, Belihuloya, Eravur or
Wayamba.The cost of a College education in the USA at the time was about half of
what it is now; at Harvard it was around $ 25,000 a year. Over much of the time
required for submitting the documentation required, I was not here and I have no
recollection of the quantum of support that parents were required to provide.
The relevant documents surfaced a couple of years ago and I discovered that I
had offered to make an anthima-last-final contribution of $150. Evidently, for
the authorities at Harvard, it was ‘an offer they could not refuse’.Malinda used
his savings to come back - ‘home’ was not quite it – he dropped by on his way
from the airport to Peradeniya - through every summer vacation carrying books
and notes for his batchas at Peradeniya, no doubt ‘idiotically’. He left them
behind for the library. More support for Carlo’s assessment: Malinda later opted
for Rural Sociology at Cornell. He went further downhill when he chose to carry
out his field studies in kelegama and lodged for a year or so in a half-built
store-room between two elephant corridors off buduruvakande. His dissertation
had to do with a notion of ‘honour’ that determined the life and the day-to-day
choices made by the (altogether unmentionable) Sinhala villager in the
north-central dry zone.

Also Malinda tries to distance himself from his support for JVP by starting off with this in his reply to Dayan.

In September 1988, a group of student activists officially affiliated with
the Student Action Committee off the University of Peradeniya and therefore the
Inter University Student Federation (IUSF) and unofficially with the Janatha
Vimukthi Peramuna, went around the residence halls asking students to sign a
petition. The petition was a simple request for a blank cheque: ‘I hereby agree
to support unconditionally any decision taken by the Inter University Student
Federation in the interest of furthering the cause of the student movement of
Sri Lanka’. I didn’t sign and neither did some 15 of my friends in the second
year of the Arts Faculty who were at the time opposed to the JVP-led student
movement. I remember saying ‘If the IUSF decides that murdering my mother would
serve the interests of the student movement, I would have, if I signed,
sanctioned that act as well’. I remembered this because I have been reflecting
on blank cheques and how they are used and abused.

To me ,that is utter bullshit.These guys were hand in glove distrupting the country ,killing peole and marching innocent students (university as well as high school) to the gulletines.Now they are trying to do it again by opposing meaningfull long term solution to the ethnic problem.They are trying to do a 1987 again by ignoring India .These idiot renamed Masoor Dal ,Rathu Parippu mistaking Masoor for Maysore!.Also renamed Bombai onions ,Loku Loonu.I was not surpised when they named French Fries, Freedom fries in US congress cafetaria because idiots think alike whether they live in US or Sri Lanka.The sad thing is a lot of young people who belived this idiots did not make it out alive.When people like Malinga ,Wimal Weeransighe and the current JVP sing hosanas of the armed forces and give rhetorical blowjobs ,their comrades must be turning in their unmarked graves.

it seems like Malinda's Sister is Ru Freeman.
update 1
It looks like Malinda himself has commented below.
Posting the links he mentions