Thursday, December 29, 2005

New intern at Tamil Net?

After the brutal murder of MP Joseph Pararajasinham the finger pointing still continues. UTHR(J) covers it in the latest report.

There are two mysterious figures in the obviously photo shopped picture on Tamil Net.

Tamilnet has tonnes of pictures taken in killinochchi which shows many LTTE cadres .This is the first one I have seen (taken at a function like this) which is photo-shopped.Are these guys so important to be taken out of the picture with the beloved sun god? May be the guys are extremely camera shy or is it the new intern at Tamilnet not that good with photoshop?

(Just in case they take it out ,I'm including the picture in this post .Hope I'm not violating any copyright laws !)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Spoon and OK Go

I will try to stick to my own policy of not blogging about personal stuff but it is hard not to think about what happened a year ago.Coming home at 2.30 a.m in the morning and to be awaken at 7.00 a.m to phone calls.Checking the CNN and watching my home town washed away .Then trying frantically to contact the family.
There is no need to remind a Sinhala Buddhist (specially a person who lived through last two decades) about the impermenance but Tsunami really had a effect on me personaly and our generation as a whole I think.
Since my name doesn't even come close to Chandare and there is no personal details in the blog ,what will happen if I 'm gone?Will Mrs.Chandare know the stupid ideas her partner put out to the world to see ?So just in case ...I'm posting the pictures you took at the OK GO and Spoon concert couple of weeks back as a clue.
You know who this is , don't you?.....

Monday, December 05, 2005

Highways revisited

There is an interesting story about President Chavez's foreign policy advisor via Sepia Mutiny but what's really intersting ( to me) is the NYT article series on India .Not for the way every article on India is written about but for the fact that they have already connected Delhi ,Calcutta,Chennai,Bangalore and Bombay !
Now back to beating one of my favourite hobby horses.How freaking hard it is to connect the Airport to Colombo(20 miles) ?or Galle(72 miles) or Kandy (72 miles )for a start?The highways will bring together the country more than any Sudu Nelum movement Mangala could imagine.
(Also Mahoshada has a question about India and Sri Lanka)