Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You gotta be kidding me!

Colombo (PTI): An animal rights group has urged LTTE supremo Prabhakaran to
spare animals during armed attacks, following a grenade explosion at a zoo near
Suspected LTTE militants had set-off a grenade near a birds' enclosure
at Dehiwala zoo on February 3 in which seven people, including two children,
were injured.
"In addition to injuring several human beings - which was no
doubt its intent - the explosive device that was set off near the zoo's birds
enclosure terrified many animals in the zoo," said Ingrid E. Newkirk, president
of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in a letter to the Tamil
Tiger leader.
Newkirk said animals had become the victims in the cross-fire
of wars all over the world leading to deaths of many of them intentionally or
"If you have the opportunity, will you please consider my
request and appeal to all those who listen to you to leave animals out of the
conflict?" Newkirk told Prabhakaran in the letter.