Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The most important election ever!

When this post comes out, most of the Sri Lankans have voted .Everybody says it is the "Most important election ever" .period.So were the ones in 1931 ,1947,1952 ,1956 ,1960(2),1965,1970 ,1977 ,1982 and 1988/89!( the list could go on).Everyone of them marked a turning point in our history .Your grandma and my grandpa dutifully went to the polling booth and did the best thing they could do, given the evidence provided according their own world view.People literary died, sometimes for stupid reasons and sometimes for the sacred right to vote.You don't believe the second part of the previous sentence?Ask somebody who voted in 1988 provincial council elections about the situation in the country."Vote or Die " was the slogan on the wall !No it didn't have the same meaning as P.Diddy/MTV Rock the Vote campaign for 2004 US presidential elections. The voter turn out was law in both North and South .If my memory serves me right ,Jaffna (10%),Hambantota(15%),Matara(20%),Galle(30%) and every other district had low turnout depending on the number of LTTE AK-47s and JVP " gal- katas"aimed at the people.The interesting thing is the number of brave people who turned out and the number of people who decide to run for office despite the fact that SLFP chikened out.It might seemed foolish at the time, after 15 years ,JVPers are now begging you for your votes ,aren't they?Hey Wimal ,who is your dady now?

Many people think that votes in the hand of stupid people is wrong including very very famous historical figures.If the smart people are smart enough they should be able to convice people to do the right thing.There are no short cuts.For example Ameen Izzadeen evaluates how democrcy has kept Sri Lanka from developing . I would rather have the broken democracy in our country any day than something like in Pakistan ,Sudan or any other Banana Republic.Come to think of it ,Singapore model of "Regimented Democracy " doesn't seem so hot either.If we can fix our one with transparency,accountability proper check and balances,minority rights and devolution of power we would be OK(That's a long list though!).We have big problems ,no arguments about that but it is a due to the strength of democracy , that after 75 years of universal franchise,we are still together(almost) as a country .

Don't get me wrong this election is very important .Whoever will be the next president will have to talk to an unelected madman who thinks he is the sun god.I'm looking forward to Nov 27 ,roughly the same time when those two guys will be making their most important speeches.

(I found this article by Rajiva Wijesinghe after writing the above.While checking out other articles by him in The Academic ,I came across this .It has some interesting info about Ranil during 80's.I think he missed one more thing .According to the news he physically assaulted "Aththa "photograper Sunil C. Silva at an awards ceremony.He was the brother of actress Dayani Silva ,I believe.It might be 1985 or 1986 national youth awards or something.Anyway Ranil is a changed man now;-)!)

Monday, November 07, 2005

U.S and S.L B.S

One anonymous commenter left a note saying "puka thami" for one of my blog entries.I respect his freedom of expression .I guess it is his way of saying my post is bullshit.Anyway I have to point out that the correct ,and extreme way of saying it is "paka thamai".There was a book out recently called "on bullshit".I think NPR couldn't say the title on-air when they reviewed it!

There are lot of things which makes me say "paka thamai".Take for instance the current debate about the rational for Iraq war in light of CIA leak case.A Lot of democrats are angry that they were deceived into war ,including the top democratic leaders in senate.Well that is total B.S. !
They knew what they were voting for.Since most of the people were for the war they went with the flow.Everybody knew that it would have been better to give time to inspectors.Everybody knew that it has nothing to do with 9/11 .The war was about oil , the economy and about a clear target to hit after 9/11 .Not about weapons of mass destruction.Everybody knew that. For instance one of my co-worker told me at the time "if the war starts , it would be good for the economy".The job losses were climbing up just before the war.Check the numbers and see how things changed. If an ordinary guy could figure it out in 2003 why couldn't the senate democratic leaders?That's total B.S.

On the otherhand the republican conservatives are masters of B.S ,too.Take for instance the Harriet Miers nominations.They were angry that president nominated a crony to the post.Don't tell me that you guys didn't know who you were voting into office.You knew that the president was a doofus and voted anyway thinking that they(or the neo-cons) can control him.Welcome to the party!Don't act like he is the smartest guy you could find to run the only super power in the world.

If we apply a B.S detector to Sri Lanka, the instrument would break since the range is infinite from left to right.Will Ranil surrender to LTTE or Will Mahinda go to war if he is elected?You guys know that all the rhetoric from both camps are B.S.What makes you think that Ranil wants to give a part of his kingdom away , if he is crowned ?On the other hand what makes you think Mahinda wants to go to war against international pressure and with a bad economy and army that is exhausted?Both guys will probably opt for talks and will probaly not try to give into LTTE,SLMC,CWC,JVP and JHU pressure .On the same note what makes you think Prabakaran would agree to anything less than Ealam?
I could go on bullshitting but got other important stuff to do.
"Paka Thamai".

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stingy or Fatigue?

What the fuck is happening in Pakistan?Does anybody care?Where was the big ho ha like after the tsunami or Katrna?
I heard Jan Egland ,the guy who called western countries stingy and got the ball rolling after tsunami ,talking about Pakistan yesterday.He says 550 mil is needed and only got 135 in pledges!73000 dead and hundreds of thousands approaching deadly winter without proper shelter.He is even asking for mules.
Donor fatigue after a extremely taxing year seems to be the reason .I wonder whether it is the donor fatigue or media that is tired ?Pakistan quake doesn't seems to be a important story anymore.