Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sarath Fonseka is the victim

Judging by postal votes so far ,Looks like Mahinda Rajapakse will win this with 60% of the vote.IF it happens ,Sarath Fonseka is the real victim.
From the sidelines this is what I can assume .Political Refugees Ranil,Mangala & JVP knew that they do not even have a shot at contesting the election .They knew SFs ego can be stroked get him to contest.He was eager to shine in the glory of newly concluded war.He was mad as hell to work under once his junior officer and his smiley face baby holding machine of a brother.
Juding by the rumors it would have been an easy task to stroke this guys ego and get him to do their bidding to defeat Mahinda.They knew it was a long shot but worth the try.Otherwise they will be under this gigantic family tree forever.This vindictive ,petty and horny army commander fell into the trap layed out by master politicians who knows how to hang onto their current privilages.
What politician can stay as the party leader after loosing 25-30 elections in a row?
Only in Sri Lanka!