Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I feel your pain Wimal Weerawansa

I feel your pain,Wimal.I was there during the time and I'm just several years younger than you brother(Look I'm not use Machang,Comrade ,Sahodraya , Mahaththaya or even Ayya to address you!I know you guys do not want outsiders from party to call you comrade.Bro is easier and fun to use.).I opened the newspaper this morning and this is the crap I get,bro!

I'm upto my neck with work and family bro .You Wimal 'Drama' Weerawansa is making it impossible for me to stay silent.It has been weeks since the news broke.I checked the news today and it is still making rounds.Lanka e- news reports that Vijitha Herath is the "Goni Billa" ,the masked informer,who led the trail to capture Rohana Wijeweera.It sucks bro.They should have done plastic surgery or something on that douchebag Vijitha and then sent him to Intercourse ,PA on the witness protection program .

Wimal ,there are so many things to say about your speach bro. I do not have time to write a book.The main thing that got me was that you did not have time to go to SiriPada(Adam's Peak) or Sigiriya .Dude ,you should seriously consider going to Sigiriya .It is way better than SI -Swimsuit edition ,bro.
You see I'm little bit pissed off ,too .I did not get a chance to go to Sigiriya or Siripada until I'm really old .Like I'm 27 or so ,bro.What happened was everybody was killing each other and you guys had declared curfew during the time and It was not safe for us to go on those trips ,bro.On the other hand I couldn't go around country on the parties(JVP's) money and stay at other members' homes like freeloaders .
I know it is bit of a strech to blame you for all the guys who got killed chasing away Indian "Monkey" Army or bringing Sinhala-Marxists heaven on earth.I don't want to even mention all the innocent who got killed .You might know of CTB bus drivers who got killed .They were bumped off because they went to work to feed their family defying your parties Hartal orders .Ok,you were only writing on a leftist sensational "Hiru" paper as Wimalasiri Gamlath .It is true that you guys were feeding thousands of innocent teens to the JVP machinary .I'm not blaming you ,bro .Probably you were only 19 at the time ,too!Even Somawansa said that it was only him and Tilvin who had attended a previous party conference .You were only on the footboard of the JVP bus as the saying goes.Even a Jackass like me could see in 1999 that Nandana Goonatilleke(your parties presidential candidate ) was only a water carrier("Kade yana kollek") for the big boys inside the party.
Wimal ,you and I are basically the same age ,bro.You did not complete A/L and somehow I got into the university .That was after wasting 3 years of my precious youth ,bro.I was in one of the lucky batches ,bro.Some people had to wait 4 years outside .Then if you were studying medicine or something ,you basically get out of the university with a walker ,bro.Finally those guys and girls became parents in the age they should be grand parents ,bro.That's the precious 1% who got into the university .Other 99% lost so much more .Economywent back 10 years and they wasted their youth ,too.You guys were burning buses and blowing up bridges
and partying like it was 1917 October bro!Who would invest in a country like that ?How could a tiny third world economy survive two wars ,bro?
Wimal,what I'm trying to say is that you were a victim ,too.It is sad to see your own father looking for your burnt body at Nagoda junction.He was only one in a million who realized how pathetic your guys attempt at changing the world is and there are better ways to go about making changes (like non-violence or something ,bro).Others could see where it was heading .Why didn't you bro?I cannot see that you have learned from the past bro.Why should innocent Tamils be hearded like cattle for security searches ?When your party asked you to speak against it why didn't you do so,bro?I think I know the reason ,bro.Hearding un-armed people like cattle and throwing them at Army and Police is your specialy bro.It's in the JVP genes .That is what JVP did in 1971 .That is what JVP did in 87-90 .That is what you guys did to us in high school ,bro.We were asked to march for some bull reason we did not understand .Some of my friends did not make it home after those protest marches ,bro.
your brotherly bro,Chandare
(I did not spellcheck ,dot my "i"s or crossed my "t"s.I think you can get what I want to say to you from reading the above,bro)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You gotta be kidding me!

Colombo (PTI): An animal rights group has urged LTTE supremo Prabhakaran to
spare animals during armed attacks, following a grenade explosion at a zoo near
Suspected LTTE militants had set-off a grenade near a birds' enclosure
at Dehiwala zoo on February 3 in which seven people, including two children,
were injured.
"In addition to injuring several human beings - which was no
doubt its intent - the explosive device that was set off near the zoo's birds
enclosure terrified many animals in the zoo," said Ingrid E. Newkirk, president
of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in a letter to the Tamil
Tiger leader.
Newkirk said animals had become the victims in the cross-fire
of wars all over the world leading to deaths of many of them intentionally or
"If you have the opportunity, will you please consider my
request and appeal to all those who listen to you to leave animals out of the
conflict?" Newkirk told Prabhakaran in the letter.