Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Shantaram and Sri Lanka

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I thought of not writing anything personal in my blog.Dec 26 is a shared expreriance .I guess I can break my own rule once in a while and write about it since it sets up the thing I'm going to write.
After almost a week of watching TV,endless phone calls and trying to figure out how to help, I couldn't watch anymore TV .All the major networks were showing my hometown being swept away to sea .I turned off the TV and started reading "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts which has been lying around .I had bought it a couple of weeks before since I read somewhere that the story involves Sri Lanka .
The book was gigantic.Almost 900 pages.I finally found Sri Lanka in the last page!the story was about a convicted felon from Australia escaping the prison and joing the mafia in Bombay.It is almost an autobiography.Hollywood is shooting the movie version with Johnny Depp as Shantaram(Lin Baba).I don't know how they are planning it but It could be the ultimate movie if they combine two money making genres,Bollywood Musical and Hollywood Gangster.

I have to wait for the next book since that's when Lin baba comes to Sri Lanka in the middle of two wars(this is 87-90 period) to carry out a mission he is entrusted with.May be Lin Baba will shed some light on the darkest era of our history.

Check the same thing in Sinhala using Indi's awesome font! ;-))

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