Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The science of Wankery and Wingnuttery

It's a Science.
Wankery and Wingnuttery
What does the photo have to do with it?
Just found it while browsing.

Also ,our own Victor Hettigoda made an appearance in "The Daily Show".


sittingnut said...

new sms going around, 'hettigoda says it wont be necessary to give cows to households as just over 50% of the country are goats as per recent election results!'.

ivap said...

chandare - question : who are kathika ?

Chandare said...

interesting isn't it?.;-))
I haven't read the whole blog yet.I have to find time.It's good that they have it up and running so we can read Nalin De Silva !

According to the first post it sounds like a study circle .All the articles after that seems to be from Nalin De Silva.So I guess Jathika Chinthana people are connected.I could've given you the exact answer if I was in SL and reading the latest stuff in Sinhala.That's the price you have to pay for being away.

If you would you like a quick update on Jathika Chinthanaya,Nalin or the meaning of Kathika,let me know.

ivap said...

Apologies for the delay in replying, kinda got lost.

Yeah, I'm not aware of the sri-lankan intellectual scene at all and neither is anyone I know. Just trying to find out, sure wish there were more political blogs around.

I managed to get some info on this stuff from a friend but not too sure on the Jathika Chinthanaya..

Chandare said...

I'm in the process of updating wikipedia .My targets are Sri Lankan Literature,Jaathika Chinthanaya,probably some missing parts of recent political history.In the case of political history they seems have covered some major events thoroughly.History of Samasamaja Party and JVP seems to be good .
The problem for me is the reference material in Sinhala .I have to rely on memory.I will create the basic structure when I find time .Hopefully somebody in Sri Lanka will clean it up .