Thursday, April 27, 2006

Did CPA plagiarize the Trinco Report ?

Blogger sittingnut's analysis of the Trincomalee riots report raises some valid questions .As a member of Sri Lankan civil society , I would like Center for Policy Alternatives to clear things up.I would also like to know more about the procedures for press releases and method of including signatories names in press releases in light of the comment made by Dr.Laksiri Fernando in the community blog Moju.

Additionaly, it would be great if you could update us on the response time of the Sri Lankan security forces and rest of the world situations in similar conditions.(example :US ,Los Angeles and Cincinnati riots from recent history .Then riots in France as well as other countries including India)

e-mail sent to :cpa[at]cpalanka[dot]org

Update :
A detailed analysis from Sittingnut .


sittingnut said...

let us hope that cpa reply to you at least.

Anonymous said...

This is pathetic on the part of CPA.

But what is more pathetic is the ways sittingnut is being systematically ignored by the NGO-feeders.

Why shouldn't his claims be taken at face value? Why should he be mocked in to silence with attacks on his persona?.

If CPA cannot stand behind its reports, and their reports become the basis for attacking the good name of every Sri Lankan, why can't the CPA stand up and take notice. I am seeing something's wrong here.

Sittingnut maybe really looking at the tip of the iceberg. But who has the balls to take on the big guns at CPA and the like?

Any ideas?