Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tigers have demeaned themselves!

I read DBSJ to get a perspective from a moderate Tamil jounalist who has access to information other sri lankan jounalists can only dream of.Sometimes his writing gives away his true sympathasies but I can live with that.I think this post is a great example of his feelings and this paragraph takes the cake.

If the LTTE deal was only to extract political or military concessions then
the tigers could have tried to downplay the implications of this deal. But by
accepting filthy lucre the tigers have demeaned themselves. There is no

Then he goes on to list prevoius righteous deals tigers made!

Prabakharan got money from Rajiv Gandhi to help work the Indo - Lanka accord.
He got assistance from Ranasinghe Premadasa to fight the Indian army. But now
money seems to have been obtained to enforce a boycott and help a hardliner like
Rajapakse win.
The Tamil people were asked to boycott on a matter of
political principle but in reality the LTTE had done a deal with the man
portrayed by them as a Sinhala hawk.This is the depth of duplicity

I do not want equate Tamils with Tigers but the last 50 years Tamil (and Sinhala) struggle are layed with layers of destroyed idols with "clay feets(as DBSJ mentions in the piece)".Sri Lankan Tamil leadership helped to strip the upcountry Tamils of voting rights in 1949 .Generations of Tamil leaders joined coaliation governments .The southern left gave up the fight for minority rights and was hand and glove in suppressing them.

It's not a big deal dude! Sun god is human ,too!

On this specific matter Tigers knew who they are dealing with and Mahendra Percival knew who he is dealing with ,too.

Mahinda has a history of using everybody around him for his glory.He exploited 1988-90 disappearances to his political gain and gave the finger to JVP without them even knowing it!Started a Pada Yathra agitation and called CBK "Vesi" at Matara and later joined her goverment and kept his mouth shut! To top it off he calls all Sinhala Jounalists " malli " and party with them .Next day they They right adoring articles about their "Ayya" !He knew when to move in for the kill when the prime minister slot opened up and probably took away the opertunity of a great prime minister or President we might have had(Lakshman Kadiragamar).

Then the Tigers record is in public domain ,too.No need to give example of Terror ,Murder , extortion ,drug deals and weapon deals with their own enemy .

Both sides knew who they are dealing with .

I guess DBSJ does not want to see the obvious reason Tigers did this.They do not want peace. Wickramasinghe win would have been another 1994 CBK Situation .Chandrika was immensely popular and had the majority of Tamils backing her to bring peace.After the election when the government team arrived in Jaffna to negotiate they were mobbed (In a good way!)They did not have any other option but to come to negotiations and then dragged it until they found excuse after excuse to get out of it .Sun god knows that a blood thirsty murderer cannot come to public and live hapily everafter.The only way to survive is a seperate country with immunity from presecution and a perpetual war with the neighbouring country to keep your citizens under control.If they elected Wickramasinghe ,they would have to dress up and act dumb for 3-4 years before coming to next war where as Mahinda would be an excellent candidate for further war starting from day 1.

Since Sun god is human and his consigliere was human ,he badly miscalculated how cunning the mustashed fellow from south was.They thought they can play the victim card from day one in the eyes of the international community and did not anticipate what is currently happening to their operations in US ,UK ,France ,Canada and Australia.

DBSJ would rather demean the sun god than say he is incompetant.

Let's say I'm taking my Sri Lankan A/L examination .First time I pass Physics ,Botany but fail Zoology .Next year I take it again and pass Botany and Zoology but fail Physics.If I keep doing this for 35 years without achieving my goal ,what would you call me?The dear leader,Sun god or a total jackass?

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But you could follow the sun gods approach and put a gun to the examiners' heads and ask them to pass you:)