Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tell me this does not break your heart

I saw the photos at .

Sri Lankans have seen a lot of in past 60 years.One war ,two rebelllions, several riots and a Tsunami.Looking at the picture ,tell me it does not break your heart.As a brother or a sister it could have been you .As a mother or a father it could have been your kids.It could have been your neighbor's kids.

Tamil diaspora(most of them ) is not sending any money to help them at government run IDP camps but what about you Sinhala , Muslim and Burger expatriates?Specially Sinhala expatriates.This is a second tsunami .If you think the world should leave us alone to take care of our problem ,then take are of the problem for god sake(Aren't you your brother's keeper?).You know how the JVP was crushed ,don't you?Don't try to pretend that everything is honky dory in government run camps.

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