Thursday, April 21, 2005

bizzaro-Sri Lanka

Today is not April 1 st. ,is it?
JVP-USA Love-fest
I think I'm living in bizzaro-world.Up is down,north is south,good is bad,black is white and JVP is UNP!
Loved this quote

"We believe in our efforts to rebuild and regain our multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious country, the United States will follow in the same spirit that after WW II, it helped replace fascist dictatorships by vibrant democracies. Our party has taken as a model your country’s arrangements for multi-ethnic harmony - namely full equality of citizens without artificial ethnic-based territorial borders. The US can help Sri Lanka by standing up to the principles of democracy, free elections, human rights, free speech, the rule of law, accountability, transparency and the rights of children. You have now a golden opportunity and an important obligation to help all the people of Sri Lanka, not just those outside the North and the East,”

So comrade ,what's up with those 10000 dead in 1971 and 30000 dead in 1988-89 fighting capitalism,imperialism and neo-colonialism?Wasn't US the ultimate enemy?Also what's up with all the money you guys received from Sadam Hussian's Bath Party back in 1980?No loyality?
(Should have known this coming.After all India was no1 enemy just 15 years ago!)

Am I dreaming or what?

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