Monday, April 11, 2005

"(Sri Lanka)*100size+(1000 to 2000)years =(almost) USA"?

Looks like indi has added me to the blog roll in kottu .I don't know whether chandare is qualified as a blog.Although it is my personal notepad ,I better keep my promise of turning out stupid ideas since people are reading (yeah, all 3 of them!).
My next idea is explaining why "(Sri Lanka)*100size+(1000 to 2000)years =(almost) USA" .I might have to touch some subjects which most of the Sri Lankans wouldn't touch with a barge pole.Sometimes it's a fine line between right wing bigotry and social commentary.Look out for next couple of posts for the explanation(Have to put food on the table, off to work!)


indi said...

look forward to it, especially the subjects Sri Lankans won't touch. I personally think there's a lot of change possible in the next 100 years alone.

Morquendi said...

No Chandare, we do not want to end up like the US. Why don't you pick something with a perhaps cleaner record to turn Sri Lanka into (not that anyone has a spotless record).

Morquendi said...

Look, if you like the American system and their so called democracy you can stay there.

Just don't try to think up of new ways in which you can impose it on us.

Chandare said...

Don't jump the gun bro'
I'm writing this because I don't want US to end up like Sri Lanka!
Seriously,It is not what you think dark elf.
gimme couple of days.

Morquendi said...


It's not called jumping the gun now, it's called a pre-emptive strike :) And it's a generally acceptable method of dealing with people who don't think the same way you do. The Bush Government taught us that.