Monday, October 03, 2005

The blogger peace plan:No way out?

Ivap and Sittingnut wanted to know what I think about the blogger peace plan .
I wanted to be safe in my world thinking about how the TV viewing habits of children in 80's could effect the O/L English results in 90's or How similar the Sri Lankan and US history looks as countries built by immigrants, why building the proposed highways will do more to peace in Sri Lanka than SLMM. Add to that list why every working Sri Lankan should file taxes every year which came up in indi's blog .

I intentionally avoided any peace plans .I'm good at Monday morning quarterbacking like everybody else. It is easier take down somebody's plan than to come up with your own .Also I'm lazy. If somebody takes up my plans and runs with it ,who is to be blamed for FUBARs?
(Bringing democracy to middle-east is a noble idea but Tom Friedman is in a sticky wicket now)

When it come to this subject ,my ideas has been all over the scale of 1-10 in the past depending on the maturity of my age, experience and what I read at the time.
(10 being Kill all Tamils, invade foreign countries and rule the world to 1 which is ,
Just eat humble pie ,save your life and surrender to Prabakaran and live as slaves with remaining Sinhalese population ).
I think I'm all grown up now safely in the middle of the scale for the rest of my life.

I want
Pursuit of happiness
for everybody of this tiny but congested island.

How do we get there from the current highly unstable situation of death ,restrictions and no happiness at all ?

I'm all for people deciding there own fate down to individual level.If the Tamil people want a separate state to mind there own business ,so be it.On the other ,I always worry about a genocidal maniac dictator, who answers to nobody and who thinks he is the sun god running a country next to mine.If we let this happen the blood of his victims will be on our hands,too .Since I never enlisted, I cannot ask other peoples children to be sent to the war front either.
When two prominent members of Sri Lankan (nano-) blogosphere are prodding me, I cannot stay silent, can I ?
Here is my plan A


ivap said...

My current bets are

- economic union in 100 years
- political union in 150 years

The sooner we get that bridge built the better it will be.

Anonymous said...

Ammata hukopiyo.