Monday, October 10, 2005

Simon Navagattegama

It was not my intention to make this the obituary page of Daily News or the disaster response main page.I guess it is human nature react to bad news .
I always wanted to write a post about Simon.The topic ,why most of Simon's works cannot be translated without losing the original value.The obstacles are,I don't have any of his books with me at the moment,I'm no literary critic and most of all I seem to have less and less freaking free time!I'm sad most of the world will not get to know him and his works.I tried googling to find a photagraph to include without success. (Finally found a photo. 16/10/2005)

A longtime ago ,I was in a bus heading towards Colombo.He was on the sidewalk near De Soyza flats .I recognized the face from newspapers.That was the only encounter I had but his "sansaranyaye dadayakkaraya" will always be a cool dude to hang out with.Atleast in my dreams.

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sittingnut said...

my only 'encounter' with him was exactly like yours i was in a bus going towards colombo he was on the sidewalk somewhere in ratmalana also a long time ago. :-)