Monday, December 05, 2005

Highways revisited

There is an interesting story about President Chavez's foreign policy advisor via Sepia Mutiny but what's really intersting ( to me) is the NYT article series on India .Not for the way every article on India is written about but for the fact that they have already connected Delhi ,Calcutta,Chennai,Bangalore and Bombay !
Now back to beating one of my favourite hobby horses.How freaking hard it is to connect the Airport to Colombo(20 miles) ?or Galle(72 miles) or Kandy (72 miles )for a start?The highways will bring together the country more than any Sudu Nelum movement Mangala could imagine.
(Also Mahoshada has a question about India and Sri Lanka)

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sittingnut said...

highway program is a disgrace. guess who was in charge in last government? mahinda buffalo no less.