Friday, March 25, 2005

Why Blog?

Why not?
Seriously, I don't like to layout my boring life in some kinda of gigantic archive where nobody will lookup.What I will want to do is to keep track of crazy/stupid ideas I might get from time to time in an easily accessible way .May be if they happened to be pointed out by somebody else I can say "du'h, I told you so" and point out the date.

For instance I think I know why so many students flunk O/L English in Sri Lanka and I have the remedy.Another line of thought I was having was how similar Sri Lankan and US history are in some aspects.How about the US MSM coverage of Dec.26 Tsunami ? Or Open Source software?

You might have already guessed.Yep.I'm Sri Lankan(speak Sinhalese and English only unfortunately) and currently living in US .I'm sincerely planning to return.I'm in my early thirties.That's ancient,I know.That's enough personal life .period.

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