Thursday, March 31, 2005

Suggestion: Sri Lankan C-SPAN?

This is not my idea .It has been tossed around for a quite long time.Why don't they show Sri Lankan parlimentary proceedings on TV?Everybody is in favour of it except parliment members it seems.
I just saw RNC chairman being heckled in Howard University in C-SPAN(Live! no kidding).He was speaking about why blacks should support Republican party.
My suggestions...........
A new channel supported by all TV stations in Sri Lanka exclusively for public affairs like C-SPAN.
How to fund?
The Government is collecting a licence fee ,don't they?Ask for piece of that.Share the TV crews of every channel for outside events.
What should be on the channel?
Since it is already recorded it will be easy to put parliamentary proceedings on TV.
Then put all freaking major event SLFP,UNP ,JVP and every major party is conducting.Broadcast their conventions,major rallies and freak-fests etc...They are politicians .They should love TV coverage.
Then put book launches , conferences,professional events of public interrest .Cover the whole damn spectrum from loony left to the radical right(Socialist Party,X group,Hela Urumaya,Jathika Chinthana etc...) .If there aren't enough things to put in the channel show the US congress and British Parliment .Guess it wouldn't cost anything .If you run out of events ,you can always cover press conferences in Killinochchi!
If politicians are dragging their feet on this issue (which everybody loves),shame them into doing it.Run a ticker in the TV newscast "Parlimenthuwa Rupahaniye pennanna beri aie?" or something.Put the same thing in news papers ,underneath the editorial until they do it.Free Media Movement ,editors guild and rest of the media-wallahs ,why don't you take the lead??

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