Thursday, December 29, 2005

New intern at Tamil Net?

After the brutal murder of MP Joseph Pararajasinham the finger pointing still continues. UTHR(J) covers it in the latest report.

There are two mysterious figures in the obviously photo shopped picture on Tamil Net.

Tamilnet has tonnes of pictures taken in killinochchi which shows many LTTE cadres .This is the first one I have seen (taken at a function like this) which is photo-shopped.Are these guys so important to be taken out of the picture with the beloved sun god? May be the guys are extremely camera shy or is it the new intern at Tamilnet not that good with photoshop?

(Just in case they take it out ,I'm including the picture in this post .Hope I'm not violating any copyright laws !)


sittingnut said...

ha! great you noticed! i didn't . may be they are prisoners? or personal body guards? past leaders? you know some former tiger commanders and political wing leaders when they fell out of favor were not killed but kept on for 'reeducation' ( i forget the exact phrase they use). even karuna was offered this fate as i understand, just before he broke away.

btw this just shows how all authoritarian regimes go through the same motions.

ivap said...

Yeah - nicely spotted I missed it too.

Happy new Year :)

Anonymous said...

I think Tamilnet took the picture from the LTTE's peace secretariat site. I think they the body guards of the VP or members of the LTTE intelligence unit.

Janapathi said...

Oh yes.. they are body guards..

So Tamilnet did not have a camera or access to this funeral? Very funny..